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We're two mums with backgrounds in publishing and fashion

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When you become a parent, it's all about the tip-offs. Simple-when-you-know-how shortcuts. Pearls of wisdom. Nuggets of inspiration. Brilliant little discoveries. The stuff that can save you hours of hunting online.

So we started SQUEAK as a way of gathering ideas from other parents, and sharing them in the quickest, easiest way we could think of.

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"Just wanted to say I think Squeak is great. So useful and digestible. We haven't had our little bean yet but I'm saving all the emails in my "useful" folder"Jo, 8 months pregnant
"We tried your craft activity and recipe last week and they were a big hit in our house! More of that, please!" Emily, mum of two
"A really great idea. We're loving them, a gem amongst all the daily inbox junk" Kim, mum of two